Pink Collar Management was created because way too many bookkeeping services and CPA firms are dominated by old-school practices and while there is absolutely nothing wrong with an old-fashioned drink or style, in our opinion, bookkeeping and financial management have gone through a lot of innovation and usage of today’s technologies is paramount for success of any entity. Whether you are an owner of a small startup bootstrapping your dreams or are an established brand with ledge of accounts that have deposits on a daily basis we can help you by getting the worry about the organization of your numbers out of your daily routine.

We believe in meticulous organization and are passionate about what we do. We believe that when it comes to finances if everything is compartmentalized it’s easier to see trends and make decisions. In addition, as people who run a small business and have been involved with small and medium business management throughout the last 10 years, we understand that the most important asset a small to medium business owner has is time, so we would happily take the worry about doing the numbers out of your schedule so that you can concentrate on matters that make your accounts grow and trends move up.

Numbers don't lie

(and neither do our testimonials)